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Will Nepal open for Tourism from 1st September ?

Though there has been media speculation on Nepal opening its flights to international tourist from 1st September , the Released officials statement has been different.

As the COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing, the different parts county is back to lockdown, including Kathmandu.

The government’s main priorities has been to rescue Nepalese workers stranded abroad. At moment only selective chartered flights are being operated for this purpose .

The Nepalese government plans to resume regular flights to selected countries from 1st if September. But it will not be for tourism.

It will be for the Nepalese passengers, diplomats , staffs of Embassies and regional employees of the INGOs based in Nepal. For the time being, Nepal government has no plan to open flights for Tourism.

All the passengers need to have their PCR test done prior to the arrival. The airlines has been made responsible for paying for the quarantine facilities, if any passengers arrive without the report.

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