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Climbing Cho Oyu with Alternative route from Nepal( South West)

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Nepal is taking the opportunity COVID -19 to take the pilot expedition on Cho Oyu from Nepalese side. The tourism department is thinking of forming a technically skilled manpower to participate and evaluate the new route. The regular expedition route so far has been only possible from the Tibet side. There has not been much effort in opening the new possible route from Nepal in the past by the government of Nepal. The topic has been lingering has been for many years.

Cho Oyu , Advance Base Camp in Tibet

Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the the world and lies between the border of Nepal and Tibet.

“This is not the first time the topic of alternative route to Cho Oyu summit from Nepal has been raised. “ Speaking to the local media, the director of the Tourism Department, Mira Acharya said Nepal now targets to take the proposal to tourism ministry and try to open the alternative route to Cho Oyu in Autumn 2020. She said the first phase of meeting has been already conducted with NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association). And she plans to continue with the meetings with other associations related to mountaineering.

This is an attempt to open the alternative route to summit of Cho Oyu from Nepal. Not an attempt on the mountain itself since it has been climbed several times from Tibet/ China.

Cho Oyu can be climbed in both the spring and autumn expedition season. And it has good successful ratio in both the seasons. By successfully opening the new route ; it would not only help the Nepalese government to generate more revenue and create more seasonal employment for the people in tourism but it would bring change and prosperity around the Thamichho region, also commonly known as Thame region. As the route from Namche to Everest Base camp acts as the main trekking highway, the route to Thame region has not had chances of sustainable tourism. Except for a day hike to Thame valley and 3 passes trekking route this old trade route has been hardly emphasized towards promotion and sustainable development. This is an underdeveloped region in the Everest region where most of the famous climbers like Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, Ang Rita Sherpa, Apa Sherpa, Lhakpa Rita Sherpa, Kami Rita Sherpa, Nima Nuru Sherpa and many new generations following their footsteps come from.

The alternative route will open long-standing economic development and benefit to the whole country.


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