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Poon Hill with UK students group 2018


Sherpa Khumbiyila Adventures is a Kathmandu-based, Sherpa family-run business. From a legendary, mountaineering family of authentic Sherpas from the Everest region of Nepal.


Our motive is to serve the traveller with not only a trekking or expedition experience but also a true cultural and social experience.


We have years of experience of guiding people all over Nepal and Tibet. It's in our blood. Our family has been doing this for generations and we're second generation of true, authentic Sherpa family adventure host.

We're all immensely proud of our knowledge and expertise, as well as our passion for exploration.

We always put safety first and have an impeccable record. We're all incredibly friendly and speak excellent English.

If you want an unforgettable experience in the mountains, look no further than Sherpa Khumbiyila Adventures.

John Richards

- Director of Awareness - The Inspiration Programme (United Kingdom)

To visit Nepal is an amazing adventure that awakens the imagination and stimulates mind, body and spirit in equal measure. 
During such a unique opportunity, it makes all the difference to be supported and hosted by those who put so much effort into 
really understanding their clients, building deep and meaningful relationships, and doing all that they possibly can to ensure that
each and every detail of the trip is an enormous treat and privilege for those new to the experience. 

When working with SKA, one is able to daily witness their incredible warmth, vast experience, and a depth of wisdom around so many areas including
hospitality, trekking, mountaineering and logistics.  It was a great privilege to travel with them on a shared journey of adventure and growth.

We prioritise wonderful experiences for our clients, wherever we go in the world, and wouldn’t consider partnering with anyone else in the Himalayas.
SKAs range of services are simply in a unique and exceptional category, reserved for those who want the very best'

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